Friday, February 18, 2011


Top 11 Clothing Lines To Watch For In 2011

This is OUR top 11 clothing lines we feel has the most potential to grow on a big scale. Without further wait this is our top 11 clothing lines to watch for in 2011.

First launched back in 2006 by rapper Fabolous the clothing line was EXTREMELY limited to the point where 15 to 20 minutes of stores receiving shipments they were sold out. The limited quantity made this line so sought after. Once the line was mass produced people were less interested cause EVERYONE was wearing it and it was so easy to find but this line will continue to extremely high upside being that the name behind the line is one of Brooklyn's favorite sons in Fabolous.

Muffin Boy Clothing first contacted us a couple months ago we liked what we say and seen his hard work and featured them on the blog. The line has continued in it's hard work they have been contacted about people from ALL around the world about the line. Good Luck & Continue the work!

This is a great line that has emerged out of left field and what can I say but it's going to be a good year for them.

Brooklyn Blake a line that threw a curve ball to people with it's "Food" tee shirt people are buying the tee shirt cause it's leaving people with a jaw dropping look cause it was just so out there. We also seen an exclusive look what is come and people are going to love what's to come.

We recently did an interview with 34D Brand owner Dea Pierre and the passion behind her words alone will make you follow her and wish her nothing but luck but for the clothing line we would be lying if didn't say it was HOT! The No Filter attitude toward designing is something unseen in todays fashion everyone wants to be politically correct but 34D Brand looks the other way and do what they feel.

Brooklyn Sky, in the heart of Flatbush Brooklyn Brooklyn Sky has been doing it's thing for a while but I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a very good year.

Vinnie's Style BY FAR took Urban Fashion by storm in 2005/2006 by HEAVY STORM..... Blizzard Their exclusive "Brooklyn" Tees & Paulie's Varsity jackets I don't think Vinnie's will ever stop killing the competition. Celebs can't help when in NY/Brooklyn but to stop in Vinnie's, Fabolous, Young Jack Thriller, Jim Jones, Julito(From The Wire), Mike Epps just to name a few.

Exclusive Game has been dressing Celebs in the hip hop game all year & no one knew who they were we featured them a couple months back well not you can buy their clothing yourself so it's looking line you can be just like your favorite rapper.

The Hundreds firsts started when I was in high school I won't say how many years ago was that but it was a while ago and The Hundreds hasn't stopped. They are getting exclusive rights to use Disney characters, and other cartoon characters reminds of of a 2010 Ice Berg but there is nothing but upside to them getting all these exclusive rights.

Terry Kennedy's Fly Society clothing line was 1st featured on our blog a couple months ago when his Tv show 1st debuted and since that day it jumped to our TOP 3 viewed post of ALL TIME. There is nothing more I need to say.

Fly Kid From Brooklyn is an underground clothing line that has mainstream feel. Not many really know about Fly Kid From Bk but being underground and on the come up they are KILLING THE GAME! From designing stylish clothes for their line they also worked with Rich Yung on a couple of exclusive Tees & they didn't stop there they also are the Exclusive home of the "Niceee" Tee shirts. Their detachable patches fitted hats are just DIFFERENT no one wants to buy a new hat just for color so they came up with the idea just to make the colored logos detachable. 2011 looks like it's going to

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  1. who made that yachts sex and luggage tee you had now that was dope! who are they and where can i buy vinnies?